Gradus Jazz Trio

Enrique Lleida Lanau: piano & bass Pablo Lleida Lanau: bass & piano Santi Lleida Lanau: drums & Key


“...from the beginning we have tried to expand our own personalities, procuring that traditional forms move, change and go to different places...”

Curiousity, the attempt to see things that have links, as much musical as poetical or abstract, is the essence of the music created by the Lleida brothers.

With many years experience, Gradus Jazz has performed all over Spain and abroad. It has recently represented Spain at the Milan Exposition, 2015.

This group has been pioneer in the fusion of Jazz and folklore, thereby editing the CD “Folklore & Jazz”.

The work presented is an ensemble of compositions that aims to evoke diverse “landscapes”.  Beginning mainly with our popular traditional music, these compositions have been carefully elaborated aiming to achieve the perfect combination of the different sound elements and materials. Gradus Jazz has created innovative music, which is full of colour and possibilities that is both attractive and accessible to everybody.